Black Book Studio
Black Book Studio

Happy Halloween

Mixing film, animation, and illustration we created an original style that we hope you enjoy watching half as much as we enjoyed making.

Director: Amador Valenzuela 
Animation/Design: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Kyle Fletcher, Alex Friend, Sara Kopke 
Acting Debut: Kyle Fletcher 
On set production: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Kyle Fletcher 
Executive Producer: Mitch Lawin 
Special Thanks to Phil Rampulla for all his support.

Wardrobe from the Kmart Halloween 2011 Collection 

Music: Shigeto / Ann Arbor pt 01 
SFX support: Anthony Koerber 

Visual style developed by Kyle Fletcher

Check out some production shots below as well as a break down of the process used to create this effect.