Black Book Studio
Black Book Studio

Happy Halloween 2010

Our first Halloween short created at the Material Group. The idea was simple, a couple of girls getting ready to go trick-or-treating for the night. Of course even the most tame outfits for girls are ridiculously sexy. We chose the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland. When they come back and sort through their candy its filled candy but also with guys numbers and sex toys. 

This was just a fun little short we made to test out some camera gear and play around with cool color grades. Enjoy.

Director: Amador Valenzuela
Type Design: Phil Rampulla 
Animation: Amador Valenzuela 
Talent: Hannah Vinson, Sara Kopke 
On set production: Hannah Vinson, Sara Kopke 
Executive Producer: Mitch Lawin 

Music: Free the Robots