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So... I got a render farm in my basement. 

Long story short. I was the Director of Animation at a company called the Material Group (an Interactive/Animation studio started in 2010). 3 years later It was bought out by a big marketing firm who later ended the experiment. They became owners of a render farm with no production artists to use it.

In 2014 I became a freelancer again. Knowing the farm would be collecting dust, I nagged the firm every 2-3 months about buying it. They finally agreed.

A few weeks ago I showed up at their office with a screw driver and a check book. Oh and Luca (My 4-year-old) to help me collect the screws. I Left with a truck load of render farm parts, or "JUNK" as Luca called it. I've been slowly getting it set up in my basement ever since. 

Here are some pics of the madness. 

It all connects to my home office upstairs. Temp freelance station on the left. 

Big Thanks to Sal Oceguera (electrical), Mike Moe (IT) and Marie Kelly (Dope chick) for making this all possible. 

Making Moves! :)