Black Book Studio
Black Book Studio


Client: Busch Gardens
Agency: Momentum
Production Company: the Material Group

Creative Director: Phil Rampulla
Director of CG/Animation: Amador Valenzuela
Live Action Director: Jordan Levy
Animators: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Aaron Kemnitzer
Modeling/Scene Assembly: Wes Burke, Andrew Pabon, Sara Kopke
Matte Painting/Support: Sara Kopke
Particles/FX: Joe Gunn
Character Rig/Animation: Caius Wong
Compositing: Amador Valenzuela, Andrew Pabon, Sara Kopke
Executive Producer/Producer: Mitch Lawin

Sound Design: Co O'Neill
Finish: The Colonie

This is a behind the scenes montage of the Verbolten spot. 

The Xbox controller car rig is made by Craft Animation Studios. We shot a ton of background footage and stills in Portland. This project was a lot of fun.